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Is Disclosure Imminent?

The All News Web site is predicting disclosure of alien contact by a European country next week. The site’s author is also claiming that “first contact” with an alien civilisation will happen within weeks and that this is potentially connected with the loss of Flight 447.

Paranormal Spy is claiming that France is “poised to disclose presence of Extra Terrestrials on Earth”. They are getting this report from MINA, the Macedonian News Agency, which states “France is set to concede that it is aware of an alien presence on earth by no later than Friday.”

The trail goes cold there.

None of these sites are familiar to me and none cite sources for the information so until it is picked up by one of the major news providers like the BBC or CNN, this stuff is clearly to be taken with a generous pinch of salt. History is littered with fortean hoaxes.