Who is this man?

I’m Phil Barker, a resident of Monmouth, Wales, formerly of London and Barbados, IT Contractor,  graduate student of Philosophy and Religious Thought.

Food, mostly.

Colette Davies Fibre Artist

Please visit my new website at colettedavies.co.uk


Musings on biblical studies, politics, religion, ethics, human nature, tidbits from science

The History of Philosophy

summarized & visualized

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Philosophy as a Way of Life

The Brexit Syndicate

Who is taking back control?

The Federation of School Lodges - schoollodges.org.uk

Founded in 1947, we are an organisation that exists to promote links between masonic lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England which derive their membership from those with a connection to a school.


We are changing our domain name by 01/6/2018

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