Langdale Pikes

Langdale Pikes

I was in Cumbria this week visiting my very elderly godfather who lives in Langdale in the heart of the Lake District. This was the view, snapped with my mobile phone, just down the road from his house.

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The Walter G. Haut Affidavit

Walter Haut, the US Army Air Force public relations officer who issued the famous “flying saucer” press release after the Roswell incident in 1947, wrote this affidavit confirming that he did see what he believed to be an extraterrestrial craft and beings. Published last week, he had asked for it to remain sealed until after his death in 2006.

The Walter G. Haut Affidavit

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Oxygen deprivation causes Down’s syndrome? I don’t think so.

I’m not a medical professional, but in all of the literature I’ve ever read about Down’s syndrome, I’ve never seen a claim that it is caused by oxygen starvation during birth. This news item (concluded by an invitation to buy furniture) suggest otherwise. I wonder what the medical evidence is for their claim? It seems wildly off the mark to me.

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