Ups and Downs

(Preamble to this post: for those of you not aware, I have been job hunting.)

The bad news first:

I didn’t get a job I didn’t really want. Yes, you read that correctly. So maybe that wasn’t bad news after all. I think.

Apparently I was too “senior” for the role. But does that mean to old or too experienced? I’m not sure which is the more flattering.

The better news:

I have officially acquired MCP status. No, not “male chauvinist pig” for all you 1970’s women’s libbers. It stands for Microsoft Certified Professional. Now, to be honest, the actual class of MCP that I got was a distinctly “junior” one: the MCDST, not the coveted (and difficult to acquire) MCSE. The latter will follow in time.

The international news:

Looks like half the population of Ukraine is going to riot after an (allegedly!) fiddled election.

The joke:

Bill Clinton takes his dog to the vet. The vet asks “Would you like him castrated?”, to which the dog replies “Yes, please.”


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