2 thoughts on “Closure of The Hill, Abergavenny”

  1. Agreed. It will be a terrible loss to the area – and wider afield because The Hill attracts people from an extensive area, even from England! If the Welsh for Adults Centre currently located at The Hill moves to Nash Campus, Newport, where there are no residential faciities, it will be a great shame. But the impact on Abergavenny, in terms of jobs lost will be terrible. I can’t believe funds can’t be found to keep this centre of excellence open, preserving a vital educational and cultural focus for the whole area, and beyond.

  2. Agree with Sharon Larkin. Not only would the proposed political closure of Abergavenny’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’ be educationally and culturally devastating…What of the dedicated staff? What of the beautiful walled garden? This is surely a tourist attraction in its own right, isn’t it? Years of creative work by dedicated gardeners…for what? What of the wonderful and historical building itself? Go and see it before it’s too late. It’s full of gems. Isn’t this a listed building? If not why not? Will it become a superb residential College again? Or even a ready made high-class hotel? What of the reported Educational ‘Covenant’? How can a covenant be rescinded? What a waste. How can these things happen? And so quickly? Sorry, but isn’t there something very, very wrong here? Pity all the effort being expended on preservation of the outmoded town centre market could not be diverted to something that really matters?

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