Black triangle UFOs over Monmouth

The 10th October edition of the Forest & Wye Valley Review, a local free newspaper, has an article reporting triangular black craft seen by anonymous witness over the A40 dual carriageway next to Chippenham Mead at 10 PM on Friday 26th September.

The witness describes the two objects as “low enough to hit with a stone… There were several lights on them, arranged symmetrically on the underside and there were white lights on the three points of each triangle.”

Moving “slower than 5 mph” they took at least 15 seconds to pass over the dual carriageway. They were “absolutely silent and there were no other cars on the road at the time”.

The witness provides a sketch showing craft very similar to the ominous black triangles that have featured in so many UFO sightings in recent years.

The article appears to have flushed out others who have seen similar craft. The 17th October edition has a front page article reporting similar sightings in Westbury last winter and Whitchurch in 1994.

Perhaps it was all a big fib.

Perhaps it looked a bit like this triangle filmed over Florida in March:

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6 thoughts on “Black triangle UFOs over Monmouth”

    1. I know this area well..and I also know the chap that had the sighting.
      I have never had the need to call his veracity into question, however, it is unusual to have no traffic on that road at that hour.
      I would suggest however to take a look on

  1. There was a follow up in the Wye Review with an explanation of what the lights were…it was me. I launched over the course of several weeks, glo-lanterns over the Monmouth area for a religious festival late at night at 10pm on the 26th Sept. If you go to the glo-lantern website, you will see when these lanterns are launched, they move slowly, sometimes fast, and can form in a triangle. They can travel miles and altitdue can be very high.

  2. Hey Monnowman.. Yo Julian. Hi Anne.. the sighting only lasted about 30 seconds. The dual carriageway was quiet during that time but far from deserted the whole night!

    I was the “anonymous” guy who did the original piece in the forest review about the sighting over the dual carriageway. My name is Fin, I work for ACE TAXIS.. I see you jogging around town alot Julian.. keep it up dude.
    I need to clarify some things I think. The triangles were very close. They were clearly not lanterns! I have seen your lanterns being released on at least 4 different occasions around Monmouth.. I’m constantly driving my taxi around at night. Your lanterns are amber/orange in color, they bob and sway, they mostly move upwards unless the breeze is strong, and even then they clearly ascend, then dissapear. At close range the lantern “box” shape is clearly visible, as is the bright part at the bottom where the flame sits. I know the difference between a few lanterns in the breeze and 2 huge black triangles hovering perfectly still just above the road! The triangles were originally hovering over chippenham park, a few metres above the tree tops! They were CLEAR, quite thin, BLACK STRUCTURES. They had different coloured lights arranged symmetrically on the underside, like an airplane.. including a row of 4 fat blue lights along the back end. (not like an airplane!) The 2 triangles were identical and travelled in perfect formation. NEVER GAINING OR LOSING ALTITUDE they moved incredibly slowly, as if on rails, and completely silently over the dual carriageway, about 50m from where I stood in wonder! The ambient light from the streetlamps was more than enough to clearly show that these were solid black craft. There was nothing ambiguous about my sighting. The explanation in the review was YOUR explanation Julian. But you cant explain what I saw with lanterns. I rang the review and they said many more people saw the triangles but didn’t want their names in the paper. And what about the other witnesses who did come forward who saw my picture and say they saw exactly the same 2 triangles, one couple back in 1994! Were you releasing lanterns then too?. What about the woman in Wyesham who said it made a loud humming noise as it passed directly over her house, on the same night as my sighting! Lanterns? P.S. I have also seen exactly the same 2 triangles on 2 previous occasions. They are not a bunch of lights, but clear black craft. NONE of the lights were amber. They were blue, green, and possibly red, and there were white lights on the three points.

    Take care all, and keep your eyes looking up!

    1. naaa you are wrong julian black triangle should have given away the clue…its not lanterns mate, I have also since taken pictures of craft around the monmouth golf course and I know of you and your lanterns…if Fin said he saw a black triangle then that is what he saw…get it?

  3. hey did u see anything if you were working on the first friday of may i think it was the 1st but not sure i saw one of these “ships”
    by the industrial estate near kings fee it gracefully floated over me with what mujst be the same as that humming noise u mentions its was 3 bright green lights i got a good 5 second stare before looking to the ground in shock and wasnt sure what i saw when i looked back up i saw this thing drifting over some houses, if you need any info off me im more than happy to help and would be interested if my sighting had many more similaritys to yours drop me a email if i can help

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