Hypocrisy on the Pavement?

I think cycling is a good thing: healthy, environmentally sound, cheap etc. Cyclists rightly complain that roads are not designed to accommodate their needs and risk their lives daily by peddling unprotected among tons of high speed metal objects, that is to say cars and lorries.

But then they spoil it by cycling on the pavement and expecting pedestrians to get out of their way!

This has come to my attention recently on the Wye Bridge in Monmouth where cyclists regularly push past me on the pavement (for American readers, the sidewalk) heading into the town centre. These aren’t just kids who should know better either: these are foursomes of hard core übercyclists with their fancy skin tight shirts and helmets, decked out in the proper gear for a day out on their bikes.

If you are one of those cyclist who doesn’t bother to obey the Highway Code and get off your bike when on the pavement you shouldn’t be surprised if you begin to lose the respect of other road users.

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