This weekend I blow-dried my hat

I had noticed that my hat – an American broad-brimmed brown leather thing that startles the citizens of Gloucester – needed some waterproofing. So I bought some special wax, painstakingly rubbed it in and went out in the rain, feeling smug that my bald patch wasn’t getting cold and wet any more. True, but when I got home, the wax had come to the surface of the leather and created a whitish patina.

Having just bought a tin of wax for my (fake) Barbour jacket that recommended blow drying the jacket after application, I thought I’d try the same trick with my hat. I duly found K.’s blow drier and gave the hat about five minutes on maximum. The patina has gone and the hat looks much better. But I’m still waiting on a downpour to see if the patina comes back: today the weather had been lovely. Watch this space for an update on the hat wax saga after the next rain shower.


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