The Society for a Quieter Barbados

I was recently sent a link to this site, which is the web presence of an organisation that campaigns for the abatement of noise pollution in Barbados. After initial prejudice about the slightly Pythonesque name of the society, it turns out to be a professionally produced affair with some interesting insights into the daily (and nightly) torments caused by barking dogs, traffic and bickering family members on that particular island nation.

You might think this was a gathering place for GOM’s (Grumpy Old Men) and indeed a fair few correspondents seem to be in that category, but there is a least one contribution from a sixteen year old who complains that he has had to do his studying for exams after midnight as that is the only time his family stops arguing with each other.

Having lived in Barbados, I can testify that there is plenty of unwanted noise about. This is not surprising in an extremely small and very densely populated country. Although our area wasn’t particularly badly affected by it, the most common noise pollution I came across was dogs barking. Dogs are very common in Barbados and many households will have several: they seem to be the most popular burglar deterrent. (Jehovah’s Witnesses will stop before your gate to ask if you have dogs before they ask you if you read the Bible.) In Barbados, most sleep with the window open to allow the breeze in. This, of course, allows the barking to penetrate and, if you are having one of those nights when your worries take on much bigger dimensions than they do in the day, you can end up raging all night at the selfishness of the dogs’ owners.

Our Sundays had, as background music, hymns and spirituals played (quite badly) by a saxophone-led band in a church held in a house across the pasture. It only seemed to stop once the cricket on the adjacent field started, confirming my suspicion that, next to one of a hundred brands of Christianity, the Barbadian’s other religion is cricket. I used to wonder if the congregation ever considered how “Christian” it was to inflict that noise on their neighbours for several hours on a Sunday without asking their consent.

I wish the Society for a Quieter Barbados every success.


10 thoughts on “The Society for a Quieter Barbados”

  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments on what the SQB is trying to achieve in Barbados. Sorry about this rather belated response but I only just became aware of your website. We’ve recently refreshed the site and I wonder if you would allow us to place this item of yours on our website.

    Best wishes and come back anytime.

    Carl Moore
    The Society for a Quieter Barbados

    1. Greetings Mr. Moore
      I would like to have your views on the number of karaoke bars that have sprung up over the length and breath of Barbados, do you thing that these bars should have licence to conduct such activities, given that the majority of them are located in residential areas?

  2. Hello Carl,

    No problem, you’re welcome to use it; though my only qualification is being half-Bajan and having lived in Barbados for a few years!

    I wish the SQB every success.

    Phil Barker

  3. hello,

    I’ve been trying to contact your organization for some time now…

    we the residents of West Terrace, St. James have a big problem. On is unable to sleep, or relax peacefully, as they’re young men smoking week and riding through the avenues at all hours of the day on loud bikes, and ATV at reckless speeds. These men are time wasters, they disrupt what little peace and rest (as in the case of my neighbor, who’s a nurse) that you try to get.

    I tried calling the police to remedy the situation, but this has been fruitless so far. So I’m now turning to your organization..

    Is there anything that can be done to dissuade these idlers from disrupting our peace in West Terrace?

  4. Hello Disgusted,

    I’m afraid you have got the wrong website. This is a blog and what you see above is an article (a “post”) about the Society for a Quieter Barbados. If you click the link in the post on the words “this site” it will take you there. Or just type into your browser.

    The site doesn’t seem to be available at the moment however.

    I sympathise with your predicament and hope you get a resolution.

  5. hey Phil
    I hope you are able to in in touch with SQB – and advise them that their webpage is not working and if they can put an email/contact number as well.

    Thanks for your site as it is currently the only avenue we have.


  6. Hello Good Evening,

    I have ben trying to get on to the website with much stress. I have a colleague who is trying to get in contact with the President or a member of the organisation.

  7. Was wondering if this organisation is still functional. Yes I have dogs and dogs will bark to let you know if someone or something they’re not familiar is around because they cannot talk. But I have neighbours who as long as the electricity is on will play music from 11 am right through to 12 midnight while slamming dominoes drinking and keeping all kind of noise. Then on weekends there is a DJ and you guess the rest.

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