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Monmouth from Buckholt Woods

Monmouth from Buckholt Woods

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Went for a walk here today as I hadn’t seen the countryside on this side of town. Picture is taken with my mobile phone so very wide angle too much foreground!) and panorama stitching a bit iffy.


Monmouth to get Sustrans cycle paths

Monmouth is to be one of the beneficiaries of the Sustrans connect2 scheme after the project was the winner of the People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway recently. The scheme aims to provide cycle and foot paths into town across the Wye and Monnow rivers, going some way to restoring the town’s connection with these rivers.

Connect2 – Schemes – Monmouth: Local Connections

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The Council excepts no liability…

A sign in one of Monmouth’s main car parks states that Monmouthshire County Council “excepts no liability” for loss or damage to property. So if it excepts no liability does that mean that it accepts all liabilities?amelie 043

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